Every Friday we will be bringing a rant or beef that just got under our skin and gotta talk about it. This Friday’s Beef is with BRAVO TV’S NEW SHOW ” FASHION QUEENS “.



Yes! This is a major tug at my heart core this week. Girlfriend, let me tell you this show better be replaced with ME and My Crew… Hello!

Let me get into it. This week while working away at what we love to do here at Vedic Image Group and GOSH!About..and that is to create Art and Style. Its a passion, heart and soul daily grind. So i’m working on part 2 in my Art Series, and I was flipping through the channels to get some music playing and lo-and-behold the channel hits Bravo. All I saw at first was the words Fashion Queens, and I was like ooh Bravo has a new show this must be cool. It looks like I got to the last 1/2 hour of the show and I see Bevy Smith, Ms. Lawrence and Derek J. My mouth dropped with the words ” SAY WHAT??!! ”


Screen-Shot-2013-03-12-at-5.19.02-PMLet me tell you about each one. Bevy Smith is the “gal about town”, a Harlem girl turn fashion-socialite. She’s at your It Event and then lets the masses know about it. So she’s hosting this show. Now Ms. Lawrence and Derek J. are ‘Hair Stylists’ not Fashion Stylists-Image Consultants. They are the hair-stylists to the reality TV celebrities of Atlanta, GA. which are Housewives of Atlanta and Big Rich Atlanta.rh-atlanta-600


Now that’s clear, Fashion Queens is presented to the masses as a very important and knowledgeable informative show that will “teach” people about style and fashion. But its not! This show is like a spin off E!’s show ” Fashion Police”.. but Fashion Police speaks in depth on the whys and hows of what looks good from what doesn’t.   This set of clowns were bad mouthing and making no-sense. It wasn’t funny. It was a waste of brain space. They themselves dressed in horrid outfits that looked horrible. This show has nothing to do with ‘business’. Its a slap in the face to serious, talented, professional Image Makers of the industry. Seriously, I want to know Who at Bravo TV was responsible for this show? What were you thinking of giving them a show.?  You want a Pitch? _______________________ call me with a deal. If they had at least one person with Fashion Qualifications it wouldn’t be ‘so bad’.

People, my Vedic Dolls and Poshies, there are great and talented image-stylist consultants, such as myself and Vedic Image Group, who take this serious because we love service. We love making our clients look and feel beautiful, feel powerful, feel amazing. This work brings tears to my eyes because its my art! Its my passion. And seeing this show was like a slap in the face, it makes audiences feel that what we do is not important, not serious and so stupid. We at GOSH!ABOUT will not be supporting Bravo’s Fashion Queens show and will not speak on it after this.

This is my Friday BEEF!

*Feedback: let me know your thoughts. Did you see the show? Did you like it or hate it? Write your answer below.


Photo credit:, Bravo TV

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