Every Friday we will be bringing a rant or beef that just got under our skin and gotta talk about it. This Friday’s Beef is with VOGUE!

I know, what can I possibly have against Vogue this week.

It’s their new cover of the First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama. This cover is the new April 2013 issue, and please do not get it twisted. I think Michelle looks fabulous as always. I have no ‘Kwams’ with her. But this beef is about the presentation and the lack of respect for her! Let’s first take a look at the cover and then I’ll get into it.

See, Michelle looks beautiful. Now let me explain this beef I have. Michelle Obama-First Lady- is a strong and powerful woman all on her own. We have seen that in her own campaigning during election for her husband. Her Health Kick projects. Her Support for the Arts and Fashion Industry. She has held and hosted events without Mr. Obama in attendance. She’s a Lawyer for crying out loud. Why would VOGUE have to down play her position with a written front cover intro? look to the left < ” HOW THE FIRST LADY AND THE PRESIDENT ARE INSPIRING AMERICA”

Now hold up! Is the President on the cover of Vogue too? I’m sorry I don’t see the President here! Isn’t Vogue’s audience majority women? Is not Michelle, independently, Inspiring America? or what, she can’t? She doesn’t hold those capabilities on her own, Vogue?

April is a Spring issue, couldn’t Vogue have selected a better background for the FIRST LADY, than place her in the “home” as if that’s where she belongs?! If you are talking about ” inspiring a nation”, is this really INSPIRING?

OMG! come on VOGUE. What? Anna Wintour was freaking out on having the First Lady on the Cover… mind you this is only Michelle’s second cover with them!

You know, these little under kills are disgusting. Where’s the respect? Seriously, where is it? Its tiring and sad to see how suits at a desk show or display colour america. Its always this notion of ” not too much… much less and blan; don’t make them look like they have anything- presentation. Like some primary school girl in uniform. This ain’t Catholic Prep!

Oh wait! ELLE did the same thing. But this time Nicki Minaj is the cover girl of their April 2013 issue.. Take a look. See the similarities.

ElleCoverMinajAprilThey, at Elle, took Nicki away from Nicki. How? OMG lets remove all of “THAT” so that people can get to know the real you! Wait, isn’t Nicki the real Nicki? But oh you wouldn’t dream of requesting Lady Gaga to remove all of THAT. NO! Why? because Lady G. stood her ground and said this is me take it or leave it! I’m not changing to play your game. No. Elle nor Vogue wouldn’t dream to.

So the question now is.. who is the ” Real Nicki Minaj ” ? Just by her bowing her head she placed a major crack in her career. Elle unzipped her alright taking away her POWER!

And this is what I see missing from the cover of Vogue for Michelle Obama. This invisible piece is now visible. no longer able to hide. Vogue needs to re-do the cover of the First Lady. Inspire us wont you Vogue/ or is it you who has no POWER?!

How long are we going to allow this stealing or taking away our power?

Michelle Obama is powerful without the help or need of a man whether he’s President or not.

Ladies! You are Powerful..dont let them make you bow!

That’s my Friday Beef! Tell me your thoughts in the comment box below and please remember to LIKE! Thank you.

Have a Fab weekend till next Friday Beef!


Photos:, Vogue, Elle
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