Why Have A Celebrity Look @ PROM!


I think imagination has been tossed out the window. Flipping through a magazine is the much easier choice today in finding the exact look you want. ” A CELEBRITY LOOK “. So many are just ripping out magazine pages and showing Mom, “this is what I want to look like for Prom”. I feel sorry for Moms who now have to think like a artist/fashion icon to come up with the exact look, not to mention the BUDGET!

What many teen girls ( also many adults) don’t see nor understand is that these looks in magazines takes a major Team effort and major involvement, even down to the editor-in-chief! Its a time consuming preparation and everyone has to do their part to make the outcome successful.

Here’s what I suggest for getting the ‘celebrity look’ for Prom. Hire an expert makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion stylist to help you get close to that look. A celebrity is an individual person with a branded image; your teen is also an individual therefore no two are the same. So creating a look that will work for your teen is ideal because it gives and expresses their authenticity.

If you can get the exact dress in the magazine you will still need to alter it to fit her body type. You may need to switch up the colour. Or I think is best is to design a dress that is all her own uniqueness and style. Makeup and hair are the same tone in creating a look and style authentic to her image, which gives the best results and photographs beautifully.

Don’t stress! Get a team to help you bring the vision to life!

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