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My Prom Dolls and Gents skincare is such a must for those photos for Prom. You want to look fresh, smooth and clear in your appearance. You want to radiate in that pretty dress and also next to your special date. So, the question I’m getting from you is ” Najaam how can I clear skin? “.

Here’s my answer >> ” A daily REGIMEN “.  UGGGG, I know, I know, another routine. But wait, its simple because its a combination of two things you already do everyday but just have to tweak to get massive results. Everyday you eat, right? and you bathe, right? OK! amen to that. Take a piece of paper out and a pen, and write down all that you ate today. Yes, ALL. And be true to yourself. If anything on your list has the following, you must stop having it until the day after Prom:

  1. Soda: Pepsi, Coke, 7-up, regular or diet, etc..
  2. Cool-aid, sugar drinks, powder drinks,  fake apple, grape and orange juice
  3. McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, any fast-food place…
  4. White bread, white sugar, white rice, white flour, etc…
  5. Excess salt, sugar
  6. Candy, gum, chocolates
  7. Pork, beef unless Organic Only!

Now, this may look much, but its rather small. It comes down to proportions. In Ayurveda we look at your daily activities as well. What you put in, is what will come out, and that’s your results. So to change what comes out, we must look at what is being put in. It takes at least 21 days to change a habit and intro a new one, so by the next 21 days you will see active results.

These particular groups of foods can cause major effects to the skin such as pimples, acne, excessive dryness or oily, can  clog pores or leave discolouration on the skin. Which means that your body is not properly breaking down the foods, and/or having a hard time absorbing them. Therefore can lead to added weight gain that you care Not to have.

Besides foods, you must look at the products you are using to clean your face and body. Are you washing your face daily, especially in the morning and before bed. In the mornings, the skin tends to be oily, or greasy, maybe feeling sticky. Why? because your body is still excreting all its excess and pushes it through the pores, so that YOU will clean it off by washing and bathing yourself properly. Now, I have come across many, many people who don’t even wash their face in the morning! That’s major muck stuck to the face!

Use clean water with a cleanser, then an astringent and moisturizer. All these products should be light and not overbearing for your skin. Drink plenty of water throughout your day, add a squeeze of lime or lemon which helps to clear the skin. Eat fist proportions, because the size of  one of your fist is the approximate size of your stomach. If its not, add some morning or night exercises to your regimen. Eat nothing past 5:30 pm >> nothing heavy. To help your skin and to loose a little weight, 4:00 or 4:30 should be dinner time. After that your body goes into working mode of breaking down foods, and absorbing nutrients, which takes approximately 8 to 10 hours to do. So its last heavy meal is dinner. If you ate past 8pm or even 11pm, your body is being overworked and trying to catch up and you have not given it time to rest either. Treat your body like a temple!

Three to four weeks prior to the Prom, go to a spa and get facials done and massages which will help your body radiate and glow happily, especially the day of. Remember its all in the preparation and proportion.

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