Tis the season to be Fabulous!

Its PROM season. YES it is. If you didn’t get the memo. You better be planning for this day way in advance. When I was a senior >>> we will NOT say what year<<< but any hoo.. I planned my whole look from the turn of the new year. Yep, January. No holds bar, I wanted to look great and stand out. So many girls were going to ‘buy’ their dress at a store. WHAT!! OMG thats Fashion Murder when it comes to Prom.. in my book that is. So what did you think I did? that’s right, Designed my dress, shoes, accessories.. the entire look. Now the advantage with me was I was already studying fashion design and art illustration from back in High School. I attended a art-vocational high school that you can start your major early!

I want you ladies and gents to understand from my story is that this is a major day of a teens life, next to getting married. You want this memory. Whether you go stag or with a date, GO! So let’s get to the fun part…

Find yourself a person who can design your dress or sketch it out so you can take it to a dressmaker or seamstress. I had sketched and designed the dress; shopped for the materials in the Fashion District in New York City. I even designed my prom-date’s tie and cumber bun so that we were in sync. Hello! Plus I searched for the perfect heels and got them dyed to match my look. I am so grateful to my mom who had my back on this. Woohoo!

Call us at Vedic Image Group if you want a personal stylized sketch of your Prom dress.

Ok! In my family I am fortunate to have Aunts and Godmothers who are designers and dressmakers. But at the time of my prom my mom got someone local to create my masterpiece. (My aunties were in other countries at the time). I must tell you about this creative dressmaker. Her shop was in her attic, and when I entered I felt the amazing energy of her world. It was like having my very own Coco Chanel to create my dress. She knew right away what I was going for. OMG! I was in heaven. The sounds and smells of her little showroom placed me in Paris somewhere. It would take many fittings, but once it was done. It was Magic. Gosh, looking back it was such an amazing process. She even designed a little 20’s satchel and bolero jacket for me to wear with my dress. My mom has photos all over her place of my Prom outfit.. check her for pics 🙂

Ladies, Prom is a magical moment and the process of putting your look together is massive FUN!

Start your planning now so you can enjoy your day and date! Check out some looks below and in my next article I will discuss skin care, etc.. to prepare for Prom. I am taking appointments now for all my Prom girls; get an image-styling consultation today for prom. Do It Right!



"Spring Breakerse" Premiere - Arrivals - 2012 Toronto International Film Festival


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