It’s about getting the high fashion or haute couture look with what you got in your pocket. It can be done! How?


The Pay Me First system. Yup! It’s funny, but I was taught about this system by a great friend whom I went to school with, and she showed me about getting envelopes (any colour), labels (any colour), and money. She said take 5% or 10% or more if you want from your check and put it away each week or month. For example:


– If you need new additions for your wardrobe, put aside that 5 or 10 percent for a suit with shoes, or day-wear of 1 dress,a pair of shoes, handbag, or 1 pant, 1 top, shoes, stockings, a matching ring and earrings. However you want to do it.

But the point is you have a percentage putting away every month. Place a deadline, example start February 1st, and end April 1st. etc. This action will give you something to look forward to.


–  In this envelop, save 10% of your weekly or monthly income for a whole year. This is a great buffer to have. Just don’t think about this envelop. Make it part of your weekly or monthly routine.

You are basically putting cash away. Its the first thing you take out before you pay any bills, pay yourself FIRST!

Now you can get the outfit you want any time! Try it

and that’s Money Monday!




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