Hey Poshies!

So Milan has kicked off  Mens Fashion Week F/W 2013-2014 …  Yippie!!! I get excited seeing all the new ideas on suits to shorts 🙂 and all the extras if you know what I mean.. hahahah.. Anyhoo, let’s get into it.

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Versace brought such hulks and great Amazons down the runway this season of warrior, tough like style for the men, which I loved. Strength is a sexy thing now and seeing a man in an oversized fur coat sitting on bare skin, just makes a girl go woooo. Hello! I think the best colour combos was the blues with the greys. That’s a YES in my book.

GUCCI brought the house down with an excellent shoe that is hot for any man to wear. Great form and style that goes with basically any look. The suits were a mix of the trend of powder blues and greys, with some in plaids, and hounds tooth. But the sweaters were in pops of mustard yellow and peach-reds. The suits all had the metro-cut, which I loved but what topped it off were the trenches. Every man must have a Gucci trench coat. The double breasted in sweet black is a must have for your wardrobe.

More and more is to come of what’s happening in the Mens Fashion Lane… so stay tuned in. Ciao!
Credit videos: FashionTV and YouTube

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