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Happy Money Monday everyone 🙂

So The Golden Globes came and went. wooosh! I liked so of the dresses worn but noting taken my fancy. And I know every piece of publication is going to be covering it so we hop off the band wagon and went East, and decided to talk Teeth!

We all love a great smile.. which was plenty at the Golden Globes, but how do they keep the smile going??? I have a great tip for you to try out and I did a video just for this.. Watch now


It sounds crazy, but it works! regular dental health is important, especially flossing. This is what my own Dentist repeats every time. So keep your smile looking great with a really good toothpaste system that you can keep up with. I like Crest whitening toothpaste.  What’s your favourite? Tell me in the comment box below.














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