at C'est Manifique show in Boston, MA.(c)RAY.

at C’est Manifique show in Boston, MA.


Hey Poshies,

So as you know, the Vedic Image Group has expanded its fashion styling and image consulting services into New England, the state of sports and hot athletes. This past weekend I attended the C’est Manifique F/W 2012 fashion show in downtown Boston on the fashionable- Newbury Street. I have heard a lot about Boston Fashions and the shows and much of it are mixed responses. Coming from New York where we have very high expectations in presentation all the way down to the thread, I was expecting the same– in the back of my mind. So let’s get into it shall we 🙂

On the 7th floor I arrived and my seat was not properly assigned, but was escorted to a front row seat. DJ was playing music and some guests were already in their seats awaiting the show to start. As I looked around the room, a slide show was being shown, featuring plus size models, and the team at C’est Manifique. (*Please note: on the flyer that I received said nothing about a plus size fashion show nor does it say it will be featuring other designers). On the show  leaflet was a whole different marketing featuring a model on the front, and more about the show.

An L-shape floor runway was created in this showroom and the hostess of the show was funny and tried her best to hype up the crowd. The show begins with a jewelry collection by: Ortega Jewelry Design by Tscherina Telesford, please see video now >

It’s a jewelry collection and I couldn’t see much jewelry. In a presentation like this, models should wear only black to set the jewelry apart, with hair pulled to the back, for the collection itself stand out.

Next was shown a lingerie collection by Empress Lingerie, based out of Trenton, NJ, showed a mix of delicate lace and satin camisole sets, sweet heart shape bust-lines  red satin  and see through night gown with overcoat(robe). A variety of colours were shown. The collection seemed playful, yet no theme to this collection. It didn’t demonstrate to me a streamline sequence for the woman they are designing for in this show.

Plush Boutique came up next, and I have to say out of all the designers at this show in particular, Plush stood out. They are located in Chamblee, GA. offering designer pieces for the plus-size woman, and recently expanded their sizes to include 4 and up. Designer and Owner, Wendy Brown, showed great dresses that were modern and contemporary with a future kick to it. Great for parties, cocktails, dinner meeting. Check out  video II >

Umoya Designs, LLC   is created by Tscherina Telesford, designer for Ortega Jewelry; located in Dorchester, MA. She showed in this collection day wear into party wear, plus bags and clutches. The pieces looked extremely tight on the models and lacked quality fabric. Stretch fabric that can pull in and smooth out. Concept was good in what would be great to wear but the pieces did not flow beautifully.

The last 2 collections of the night was by C’est Manifique, who hosted the event. They are a modeling and event planning agency in Boston, MA that cater to the plus-size industry. It’s Founder, Shen Bennett has a passion for this part of the fashion industry in which you will get a taste of in an interview I did with her. Look out for this interview in the next post. For now, let’s check out their presentation >


At the end of the show, I did individual interviews with the designers which was great and all of you will get to know them personally in the next article coming soon.

Here’s my review for the entire C’est Manifique show:

This past weekend, C’est Manifique presented a F/W 2012 fashion event featuring a variety of designers for the plus-size fashion industry. I think it was a good venture to show a different side to the normal fashions we have all come to know. I congratulate on that effort.

In the view point as a Fashion Alumni in this industry, proper and professional presentation is key to be successful and recognized in the niche being catered to. I saw no proper undergarments. Undergarments is a must and a fashion law in our industry. It’s the most important garment above all garments, whether brand name or not! It’s A Must-Have. In the Plus-size industry and for plus-size, curvy women, feeling secure, confident, bold and powerful begins with the foundation and I was so disappointed that this was not done and allowed their models down the runway in front of a live audience without Spanx. As a Stylist and Creative Director from New York, this is fashion 101, and our eyes are trained to see every single detail down to the nano. A presentation like this would not be fit for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week NY.

It’s fine to show or present similar styles that a size 0 to 10 may wear, but as we go up in size, adjustments are necessary and tools are needed to give a flawless look. I do hope the next C’est Manifique event will top itself and I look forward to newer creations for the sensual, powerful curvy woman.

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