Hey Poshies!

So the X-mas holiday is sooo around the corner that it isn’t funny!

Do you have your outfit ready, and put together? NO?!!!

Ok! Calm down, you still have some time.

Xmas is a warm, cheerful theme with lots of candle lights, tree lights flickering in every room. Which is excellent in creating soft, sweet and sexy looks from the face to the body. Traditional colours of course are red and green. But I say add cremes, beiges, black, soft browns, charcoal, oranges, yellows. And accessorize BIG time! Crystals, sequins, sparkles, golds, silvers, coppers too.

I think the best outfit during this season are long gowns, floor lengths. It takes me back to Jane Austens book, Pride & Prejudice( go watch it). Long is IN! Below I have some examples you definitely should stack up on for this season. Elie Saab, Ralph Lauren, Terrani Couture.

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