Naomi C on The FACEIt’s sooo true. Oxygen has gotten my attention with this new fierce show lead by the ultra famous model,  Naomi Campbell, with Coca Rocha and Karolina KurKova, who will star in the new show called The FACE.happening in February 2013.  Kicking ANTM to the side and bringing real, serious, and blazing dimension to the modelling world. BUT who of all photographers is hosting this show >>> Nigel Barker — OMG!  We, at GOSH!About will be tuned into this new show bringing all the juicy flavours and spices happening on and during the show. Stay tuned in!!!

PS… I am sooo surprised BRAVO TV didn’t pick this up!

Here’s a promo clip of what’s to come >>>>

Video: Youtube, Oxygen


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