It’s Money Monday!!!!

So listen up. I just heard Mrs. B. Carter, yes, Beyonce Knowles-Carter. It is her new name, might as well use it. Anyhooo, she has left Clint Eastwood’s movie A Star Is Born; its a remake. Yes, like who bails on one of the hottest movie producer and director of Hollywood. When I heard last year that she was chosen for the role, I was soo thrilled. WHY? Her acting would IMPROVE MAJORLY! And we all know she cannot act. period. Therefore, working with Clint was the best thing for her. Clint is not an easy director, but he does bring out the BEST out of actors emotions and performance. So with this news I guess she couldn’t handle it? As I know many actors out there, this craft takes major practice; you don’t just walk in a be a star. it doesn’t work.

Well, the door is open and the chair is available to the next actor for this role. Who will it be???


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