Good new day it is.. raining, cold, damp windy weather LOL.

How is everyone? So ok I have a quick announcement to share with you that I am sooooo thrilled about and it is the launch of our new sister company called EMBRACE YU. At Embrace YU we offer lifestyle coaching services to help you create a balanced mind-body-spirit emotion and show you the steps to living in the happiness. The reason we did this company because so many of you and clients have been styled through us but requested to also have your life be styled to, and that of course is the inner YU. Go take a look, read, subscribe to our monthly newsletter and and schedule a consultation. Go here >>


  I am so excited for my girl, Bat For LashesNatasha Khan. Her newest album The Haunted Man has some amazing songs, deep lyrics and fantastic beats that are thought provoking to feeling free like you can fly with her. Her writing skill is insane and I personally have enjoyed every album she has dropped.  The best part of Bat For Lashes is her live performances, her presence and energy is strong and captivating. This new album, The Haunted Man is available for pre-order at Itunes, Amazon,Play, Record Store. Go here to pre-order 

Her album drops in the UK on October 15th and in the USA on October 23, 2012.














Her new video All Your Gold has dropped. See video below.


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