I just got word. Solange Knowles new single Losing You will be debuting in under 4 days. I am soooo excited and soooo happy for her coming out with another, top studio album seller. As many may know that recently she cut ties with Carol’s Daughter hair company. As in her words, “..she was tired of the back and forth of fighting to express natural hair in any way. There is no right way or wrong way…” I am happy she stood up for herself and the belief and freedom of expressing oneself is another art form. and hair can be that. In this new video shot in Capetown, South Africa, Solange sports some hot colourful outfits that I am screaming for and she’s rocking a curly loc-fro –so sexy-. Size 8 Solange and company.. please send my way.

For her fans on Twitter, Solange teased us with a 0.41 second video clip that is steamy and I’m just dying to see the whole thing.  Tell me what you think >>


PS>>> please everyone stop saying Beyonce’s little sister. Solange has her own identity and own style and persona and she is not “little” anymore. Give the girl her props that’s mega due! Solange Do YOU!   and here we go …

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