Hello My Poshies!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and now back on the train to make the dough 🙂

I want to thank everyone for supporting The Wednesday Times: Special Edition: Bravo TV MissAdvised Series…. It was alot of fun for me to do and I really do hope to do it again. Tell me your thoughts in the comment box below of what you got out of the new  reality show. I really want to hear.

Many new things are in store for all of you and me too. We are taking Vedic Image Group, GOSH!About Blog to a very new level and direction. There will also be a new name on the store front– so to speak.

Personally, in my life, many, many changes and direction have taken place and I am embracing all of it all at once, which in the beginning was soo overwhelming, but now its become a new balance in my life. Vedic image is all about the balance, and to announce,, we have relocated our office. and now have 2 offices. We are no longer in New Rochelle, NY… we are now in New York City, New York and our official  Main Office is now in Norwood, Massachusetts. A Cali office is coming soon,… so look out for that….

I am soooo excited about our new Virtual-Online Studio— The Vedic Image Styling Studio  Click the link and check out the classes, sessions and services we offer. Plus we do give away great discounts to anyone taking their first class. Also click the SUBSCRIBE link to keep updated on all the new sessions coming up.


The European leg of the Born This Way Ball begins tomorrow, and there’s a new exclusive tour merch item available for one day only in the Lady Gaga web store – this time the Free As My Hair lunchbox! Order yours now at!


** OPENINGS for the Vedic Image Styling Team…
Interviewing >>>

We are looking for a hair stylist, a makeup artist and 2 interns..
Must be able to travel from boston to new york and vice versa. Must be capable of doing weddings as well.. We are looking for loyal, professional, willing to grow, can work with others well upbeat, and drop your ego at the front door; desire to be with a growing company for more than 1 year.
Serious inquiries only! (If you are in NY a plus). Must have a phone, computer, and can follow directions.
Send your website link of your portfolio, and all contact information: email, phones, and your location. NO Phone Calls needed.. If interested, you will receive an email with the next step of the interview.
Send info to:

As I said, there is alot to come for all of you. The CONTEST deadline is August 21… so subscribe and submit your comments ASAP.