It’s Friday: The Wednesday Times: Special Edition: Bravo TV Miss Advised Ep 8 Season Finale


I know I am sooo late on my review and I apologize.. moving and getting things set can be a pain.. So I made a video for my review… check it out, then below is a photo of one of the giveaways… so SUBSCRIBE .. deadline is August 21, 2012– 11:59pm eastern time. To enter contest, you got to subscribe to our , and subscribe to , and leave a comment below on your thoughts about the season finale, episode 8 of MissAdvised.

Here is one of the giveaways— Our Vedic Image Group Monarch… the Yorklyn

Go now and check out my writing partner, Sonya Larae,  and her take on episode8

All photos Google, Bravo TV

Executive producer of Miss Advised, Ashley Tisdale

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