The Wednesday Times: Special Edition: Bravo TV Miss Advised Ep 7


Okay Ladies and Gents lets start!

Episode 7: How Do You Know He Is The ONE?

Your heart and spirit tells you. There’s a beautiful connection that you can’t put a figure on it. Many say when its the one, the couple appears to be ‘like’ brother and sister…meaning the close bond is like blood.

Well silly Emily’s response was to get rid of this ridiculous notion…


The show opens up the next morning with Andrew sleeping on the coach. Gentle Julia wakes him up and asks him how’d he sleep….side note: No they did not sleep together because as she said its really too early to do so but of course she wanted too. Caught up? lets head back… So he wakes and she whacks him with a pillow to get up. ouch! So during breakfast JP, Julia’s roommate comes in to the kitchen and asks Andrew to really explain why he came to L.A. and his answer basically was because Julia pushed him to.  So Julia’s juices for writing is coming back to her because of Andrew, but deep in her she wants to really know if Andrew feels the same… and you know something, the signs are all around her that she can’t see it in front of her blinking away… Julia should have really thought about things before deep-throat him >>>> Watch the video…


Amy is at iVillage(magazine and web in NYC) to be the new face for their online videos answering readers questions regarding relationships. One of those questions was ” How to get over a broken heart?” and conisidently she was going through this with Lewis. You gotta get up, brush yourself off and get back on the horse. We will get back to Amy in a moment…


Her Michigan man is coming up to get laid. That’s on every ones minds because why would he, David, travel all this way, like 3000 miles just to say hi to her without wanting something in return. On her show, the discussion was the Concept of the One. Emily discusses her crush with David, her high school crush and how they hooked up.  So David appears on her show to discuss the topic and Menace tries to get to the sex part of Emily. After the show, Emily’s staff and David all sit down during break.. it seem more like an interrogation room. Menace goes for the kill asking him if they had sex yet.. my gosh how rude, but he doesn’t stop there, then he asks David if he has masturbated over Emily yet? WHAT!?!? I mean can you be any more despicable. David answers that that’s a private matter. Of course Menace doesn’t give a crap, and Emily responds with Menace cares about her very much and can be over protective. THIS IS OVER PROTECTIVE? Then what do you know… Menace now brings up Emily having her clitoris massaged by some unknown twice per day in the name of research for her show. At this point, David is so upset, grossed out and calls it like it is— Prostitution. GOSH! what dirty fingers touched her there and how many different ones. Like Yes Emily, you are a hoe. He does think that!

OMG I so disgusted by her way of living. I mean I hope she is taking daily antibiotics. eewwww! Let’s move on to Amy, I need a break from E. 


So Amy’s at the gym with her trainer.. who I just love and get a kick out of how forward he is with her. Her trainer knows that she got dumped the other day and her tells her don’t you know the rules, you don’t date younger men, they only want to try you out not be forever. hahahah Yet again, she doesn’t listen because she flirts with this curly boy who of course is flirting back, and Amy of course falls head over heels for this 36 year old, single, white, curly male. And he asks her out. Now. We know Amy claims to be a Match Maker by profession and , but why would she do the number 2 mistake  of giving out her number…. wait .. roll back… she questions this new date whether if she should give her number to him or… OMG! She is a joke! She has to be. Even her trainer, Larry, said the same thing.. more like .. What’s wrong with you? Yes Amy, Larry is giving you dating tips. Use Them! So guess where her first date was? Well of course at the Gym… Lucky she didn’t wear a dress, huh!  Indoor Rock Climbing… omg I would die if a guy took me out to the gym on a first date, especially if I just saw you at the gym earlier. HELLO! So he shows off racing up the wall like a Monkey and then its her turn. She makes it to the top then comes back down the wall like a little girl to her daddy, jumping in his arms and hugging, giggling over her amazing achievement. After, that exhilarating rush , they get smoothies and sit down and chat a bit.And he says all the perfect things to her… total impression… and she’s like dripping in emotions over this guy… She wanted to kiss him sooo badly, but it ended in a nice hug. Good grief she’s already moist on the inside for this guy who she hardly knows… My opinion, this is not the one… but we will see next week.


Julia has gone way to far over just one date…. actually a date and a half…. with Andrew to be falling in love with him. But she has. So to find out really about Andrew, she invites herself to his place in San Francisco. Here we go… she arrives to his place all jolly and care free, again not checking the signs, because when he opened the door he was not happy to see her.  His demeanor says everything… side note: I think Andrew is gay,.. I could be wrong, but he’s not responding right to her…. Ok.. so she brings out the champagne and she knows he doesn’t drink. He’s said it time and again, plus I would think right there are issues he will not put up with. But she ignores the signs.. While on the coach she drops the big question… if he’s into her like she is… ad the answer is NO. He says he’s not, she’s nice, a bit crazy, but he’s not into her. So baffled by his response, she says well I can fall in love with you, don’t you see the possibility to fall in love with me. And Andrew was like no.  Well the river began to pour and he was like you can slap me if that will make you feel better, and she actually slapped him in the face. ouch! Yet she was uncontrollable with the tears. I had to laugh at this part when he told her to calm down, gives her a tight hug, opens the door and sends her on her way. Shuts the door without looking back, and back to his old life .. LOL hahahahah …. I mean was that a total of an hour of arrivig, Julia is on the street looking for a cab. OMG, now would a real man do this? honestly? … can’t wait for next week


So back to Ms. H. After their semi-lunch intro meeting . David asks Emily out to go to Napa Valley for the weekend, and she accepts his offer. She is spinning in her about this must mean a serious jester of wanting to go the next step in their friendship. Hmmm ….. so she’s off trying to shop for some new clothes with her assistants. And then pack back at her place. David arrives and she gives him the grand tour of her place…. were you impressed? And off they went…

I don’t know about you guys but experts personal lives are soo different than their careers, especially if they in the relationship- matchmaking-love field of expertise. A ton of hypocritical ways. Well stay tuned in til next week– the shows season finale.. I know seriously way too soon to end.

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