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This first season of Miss Advised, from the show view, is getting real juicy and so very interesting. As a Lifestyle Coach and Image Consultant, you pick up a few things from people as far as how they express themselves and project their views onto others. They reveal alot about who they are via body expressions where most of the truth comes out. In the video below, I share with you a chunk of what went down in Monday night’s episode and my perspective. I’m telling you even though its an hour show, so much is packed in it that you have to decipher. Watch now then read the rest of article.

Part 1


Yes, the scoop on Julia… her heart has melted in some weird aggressive way for Andrew, who in real sense lives in reality of he just only went on one date with her. Yet, during the planning of her EX-Party, she roughs him up over the phone about him not being there for her! A serious melt down FIT that he’s in San Francisco at work. So her roommate runs out in mad horror with the serious mama look in her eyes and scolds Julia >>> rightfully so<<< and tells her to get off the phone because she’s being to over- aggressive. Julia had the look of a child who just got in trouble and immediately obeys. Now, she feels so terrible for her bad behaviour and totally sees how she messed up. Throughout the whole evening she is thinking about Andrew— wait for it—- OBSESSIVELY. Like she cannot properly interact with her guests because of Andrew. Suddenly the doorbell rings… who can this be… and she opes the door and falls to the floor. Andrew walks in and Julia is uncontrollable… not one word of how are you or how was your flight.. nothing. It was her selfish ways interfering saying to him, Why didn’t you tell me you were coming? this question was repeated like 9 times…and Andrew, the gentleman that he is, goes around to all her guests and introduces himself. Now, you would think she’d do this, right? No! I threw my pillow at the TV. Yep. I had enough. This is all about .org .net .world. Then if it wasn’t enough, her roommate sings her List of 73, which is the list of her ideal man. Julia is the only one singing, dancing and laughing to this cheap song. By the way, her roommate has an okay singing voice. Andrew says to Julia after that because she was brutal to him about not being there, he decided to leave work and come right away. Her pushy ways lead to him spending the night.


On her show, ” Sex with Emily” she brings on a Phone Sex Operator, who demonstrates how to turn on your man via the phone. Of course, she’s an expert and she does it with Menace, who immediately gets hard up on the air. She’s good. So Emily tries and OMG, she thought this would be a walk in the park, but she got herself chopped up. Her phone sex sucked so bad that the air was silent. After the show, Emily meets up with her long time friend at a bar to discuss their none existent love life. So during the meet up her friend really dug into her about the lifestyle she’s living, in her late 40s the life of 19/20 year old. Getting laid with any guy that walks into her radio show and beyond. Basicly having sex about 20 times a month… woa… who’s the hoe here? And Emily chuckles and shrugs her shoulders as if its no big deal because she’s still trying to ” figure this all out”. So by the suggestion of her co-worker Menace, who is seriously concerned for her, he suggests seeing a Therapist, who can guide her to help figure it out.  And it works, the bottom line is that she has Father Issues and has not truly dealt with the death of her father and I also think there are some issues between she and her mom. I hope this breakthrough helps her with her HS crush, David, who is coming to visit her.


Well Amy had to ” Get Away” from New York because of the dump situation. Her energy is dark, confused, sad and a serious mess, that her friend Joseph who has been Amy’s friend since being in New York. Well, upon arriving to her friends place, she stops at a potential client’s house that Joseph introduced her to. This lady, Tina,  has a nice size house, filled with hunting equipment and lots of fur throws which spins Amy’s energy into a world wind and she jumps all over this woman about her being way too masculine and to bring in more of a feminine energy. One thing I think she went too far in calling the woman “rusty”. I think that was an insult especially because she’s meeting her for the very first time. So at the party, this potential client confronts Amy about the whole meeting and it went so far left that it turned into a viscous attack, and people are so superficial because the cameras are there, no one is being real, neither is Joseph. The client leaves with her friends and Scott sings a song to Amy and asks her out on a date to go apple picking the next day. And he was such a gentleman, a take charge type of guy, which I think Scott is the right man for Amy.

But as we will see next week, she will continue to select the cheese-ball/sleazy men that continue to hurt and abuse her. Amy will never Wake UP!

My partner in writing, Sonya LaRae, broke this episode down to the apple core.. read it here

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Executive producer of Miss Advised, Ashley Tisdale

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  1. Hi Glitz! I’m so glad you are watching the show.. Its a chalk full of action and emotions twisted in each persons life. Keep watching and reading The Wednesday Times. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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