How Do You Be Personal While FAMOUS?


Hi Poshies!

I hope you liked The Wednesday Times that came out yesterday. Read it if you didn’t get a chance to because its sooo hilarious.

On to today’s question. How do you be personal while famous? its a question that comes up a lot from clients I’ve worked with who were in the deep building stages of their name and brand and began receiving recognition when they stepped out their front door. Nervousness would step in and the feeling of uncomfortabilty, and ot kowing how to be relaxed, and view this change as something positive. When fame begins to come in to your life, it can be nerve racking and it takes some adjusting to in order to know how to handle it and be yourself in it. In this video I give you some tips on what you can do to still be personal while famous. Watch now and please leave a comment or LIKE the video. Thanks so much

** Please note: the video opens up side ways but will flip to straight. No worries 🙂 **



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