The Wednesday Times: Special Edition: BravoTV Miss Advised Ep4


Who Makes The First Move?

Does it really matter? For me I think the man should take the first step forward. But the ladies of Miss Advised display another story.

This Monday to be honest with you guys and ladies, I was so Pissed Off by all of them, I mean ALL! OMG is our feminine species this stupid, in this particular decade. Please say it ain’t so. I’m going to try to make this column shorter, but the show has soo much going on that I may also do a video to truly express myself.

Here we go>>>

We open up with Emily at her radio show in San Francisco with her guest, a sex therapist ( Very Horny Man), Reid who invites her >>> NO>>> forces her to be his  kissing dummy in a workshop he’s giving that evening. Um, can we all say no , is it that hard for her to say NO. OMG!

I don’t even want to get into Amy, because she is having a FIT, that Lewis has not texted her in 2 or 3 days. So let’s hop over to crazy Julia.

Little Julia decides for her “Elle Article” but really for herself, to visit a couple of witches to help her find the right man. OMG! I have to say i’m quite intrigued by this… so off she goes, and man is she in for a ritual, because its based on her very own self. See, she has to clear the negative energy, all the obstacles, and things she has placed in her beliefs and her mind that’s been holding/ preventing her from letting the right man in. So with the first witch, a cleansing and blessing ritual is done, she then writes out all the things she wants to rid from herself; and then 10 things she desires within a man. A clay image of herself is made, and burned then placed withing a wooden box. A second witch, Magda, she’s a gypsy, enters to do more consulting and instructs her of getting rid of this box in a serene, far away space. Which symbolizes her clearing the negative and letting go before going on a date, etc…

Unfortunately, Julia chose not to follow the instructions, instead of clearing, William is on her mind HEAVY, and he hasn’t called her since they went out. And she “can’t” get over it. So she calls him up and asks him out on a date. Yikes! Instead of having the man lead, Julia, over-aggressive Julia plans the date and picks up William in a super stretch black limo to go horseback riding and wine tasting up in the California hills. Wait until I tell you how her behaviour was.. lets hop back to Emily.

At the workshop of about 10-20 people, Reid talks about the art of french kissing. (Am I really writing this? ) Emily, with her big eyes is in awe of this man, but we, the audience, can see that he’s nothing but a Player with no good intentions regarding Emily. He gets Emily to sit on his lap >>> Daddy Issues >>> holds her snugged, places his fingers in her hair then tells the class ” I hope you don’t mind as we make out in front of you for a moment” .. as they indulge, the class is clearly uncomfortable, twisting and turning in their seats. yuck!. I’m so grossed out myself. Because its evident that Emily is nothing but a hoe. She just wants to play, have sex with any man she meets or sees or interviews on her show. Where is her integrity? After making out, and oh by the way, his little wiener twitches when he’s turned on and it was felt by Emily during their kissing session. Reid invites her for some drinks after to discuss his polyamorous lifestyle, and if monogamy is truly the lifestyle for Emily. Well I was right, he invites her to meet his partner at his place the next day. Intentions-intentions-intentions…

Julia, in farm country, is hilarious with William, who is so not into her. Wake Up Julia. On their date, she is very forceful with all the men. Talk about open. Finally we get to tasting some wine, and she is pouring her drink into his class trying to get him drunk. WHAT! As they head back now, she forces her self on William to get a kiss >>> RAPE!<<< what woman does that then brags of getting a limo, go wine tasting, horseback riding all in the name of getting a kiss? who has issues here? The next morning, after crashing on the living room couch, she is trying to write her article and can’t seem to understand what happened on her date with William. Then realizes she didn’t do what the witches said, and sees the wooden box. With a rush, she throws on a dress and runs out to the beach to get rid of her own problems.  Good luck Julia!

Ding-dong, Emily enters Reid’s and his partner, Allison apartment. A typical throw pillow style decorating for Frisco. So Allison explains of her jealousy she does get when Reid wants to have sex with another girl, as well as she makes out with other girls even though she is not gay. So during this weird coversation, Reid itches for affection from Emily infront of his girlfriend who looks on. … wait>>> wouldnt you kill him?…. so after much back and forth the important entrappment question comes up. Will Emily have sex with Reid and Allison that afternoon? OMG! didn’t we see this coming? well Emily didn’t, and surprisingly she refused. YES!!!!!!! finally a no comes out of her sweet little mouth.  Back at her house, David calls, her high school crush who she had sex with last week, is coming to visit. So round 2.

Now to Amy, she clearly has issues for her age, and the 28 year old Lewis she is dating is much more mature than her. Let me tell you, she preaches to her clients of looking outside the box as well as dating more their age range is more appropriate, but for herself, she can not date anyone over 40. Um, take your own advice. Finally Lewis calls her and asks her out to go to a salsa club. OMG! She is living in a serious bubble and had to call her friend to ask what is salsa. Her friend was so frustrated with her and couldn’t believe Amy didn’t know what that was. On the date she actually brings up the argument of him not texting her. What! He couldn’t believe it, but as a gentleman he apologizes, and she the freaks out realizing how stupid and childish she’s been behaving. To get over the awkwardness, he asks her to dance and it soothes everything, bringing back into a little girl state. which ends the date beautifully. You go Lewis!

My dear Poshies, this series has been a serious craze so far, in all honesty. I think the show is very hilarious and its truly funny to see how women act to get men and get attention. I can’t wait to see episode 5 next Monday @ 10pm. Watch!

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