Nicki Minaj Evolving LOOK!– Do You Like It?


Hey my poshies!  Back from a long 4th weekend of rest and some work.

I came across this article about Nicki Minaj eveolving new look. From Starship to Pound The Alarm …..wwwwwwoooopppps…. RING THE ALARM??? Ooops Miss Beyonce track right? hmmmmm who’s copying whom? I’d like to know. But back to the look. Nicki’s new look is over the top Barbie with a mashup of Tokyo Sexy? hmmm and then she adds playmate material, Pamela Anderson in it. I don’t know about you, but I no longer see Lil Kim in this mess. I just see MESS!

Do me a favour, check out her new lyrical video below as well as the attached photos and tell me if you LIKE or DISS  in the comment box below. Thanks!

**Do you like the new song, Pound The Alarm?