The Wednesday Times: Special Edition On Bravo TV New Show: Miss Advised E3

By Najaam Lee



Happy Fourth!!!! I had to do a little ‘something-something’ before gettig this out to you. So here it is, we going to get into this! and I will be popping some southern slang in this 3rd episode.

Let me tell you ladies and gents about these ladies of Miss Advised. Of all the ones to chat first about it is cry baby, yet super faux, Julia Allison- McCain. That’s right, the McCains get a second plug-in, in Julia’s story. Jack McCain, son of former presidential runner up, John McCain, went googoo-gaga for each other and began dating immediately, BUT, some little birdie flew into the nest and began whispering in her ears, chirping ” Julia, have you forgotten your dreams and goals of becoming rich and famous, NOT barefoot, pregnant and an Army wife!!! ” OMG, the kitten’s out the bag— ooops!

If that was not enough, she hooks up with Love Coach, Annie Lala, to talk to her about her date with William, –oh boy!– but surprise, surprise, Annie breaks through the epidermis and gets Julia to confront all the gossip, comments, hate mail that people, tabloids, magazines, online blogs are saying about her. She couldn’t wiggle out of this one. She opened up her laptop and went to the site that truly upset her… check out  Anyway, Annie does her magic of getting Julia to her angry point and tells her that some of what is said about her and angers her sooo much is actually true– a percentage of it. GREAT EYE OPENER!!! How are you going to find a man when you can’t be real and true, especially to yourself and stop being this “CHARACTER” that just ain’t you! girl go get you a cupcake– mmm sweet!

So tell me this my poshies.. is all this focus on Julia intended to get her own show?

Let’s get to the next crazy 2. Emily, headed to north Michigan to visit her parents, but its really to go out on a rebound date with her high school crush who just recently got DIVORCE, David Rubin. OMG, if ain’t this desperation to get into some briefs then I don’t know what. Her mama tries to sage her down with warning, and letting her know this isn’t a good idea. He has a lot of issues dealing with it. Well Emily’s crazy response to that is..” I got issues too”.. What I know is 2 peas in the bucket don’t make pie!  Her mama needs to take that sage and just burn it!

Amy Laurent, hmmm, I have no words for Amy, but that she needs to stop being a professional matchmaker, and take a year off to go and find herself!  She is wynning about men who are not even her type, and hating her life for not being good enough for the right man to enter her life. Seriously, slow down and drink some more hot cocoa, and start accepting your true self and be your true self. Please STOP pretending, yes! pretending to be ” Miss Perfect” GOSH!

Til next week my Poshies, don’t be a desperate-sarcastic-faux pa of a person. Please stick to being Real!

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