The Wednesday Times: Special Edition on BravoTV New Show MissAdvised S1E2

By: Najaam Lee


I finally got my eyes on the second episode of Bravo TV’s new show MissAdvised. OMG are these ladies in a serious tornado of love infestation! Will somebody please wake me up from Spin the Bottle attempt for wanting a desperate kiss from this tall, handsome, smooth coco skin brother—OUCH JULIA!

Julia goes on a double date with her roommate after seeing her roommate’s man/personal trainer: JP, a tall and tan handsome, GORGEOUS boy- friend ?!. OMG, I am goshing and I bet you are too. Do you blame Julia for looking? She should have stepped back more because of her roommate and the respect for her, but as we all can see, RESPECT, does not exist in Julia’s world. hmmm. What does exist in Julia’s world is her dream job; which is to write a column for Hm! I would think after being a journalist for over a decade that your dream job would be a TV News Anchor on CNN; or something like that. So her new editorial director, Keith Pollack, tells her to gather many ideas for her column and to pitch it at their meeting. OMG, Julia burst into the river of tears with sobbs of the pressure and living up to her moms expectations— by the way, her mother was a former speech writer for NIXON! — hmmm scary, crazy, and a zillion light years ahead— Hello, no wonder Julia is a little -sysco, if you know what I mean.

Ok, on to vata, sex deprived, Emily, who has a date with a tall, chunky/wanna-be-rapper man name ________________. Trust me, I am not interested in knowing his name, much less typing it out and give him press. This date is what I call ” Chicken and Waffles”. He’s cheap, low or no class, and has a lack of respect for women. WHO brings a woman, your first date, to a Strip Bar?  But that is where Emily went for her date. He teaches her the art of boodie slapping and tipping the dancer everytime she shakes her moneymaker in her face .Oh=Come-On  Emily, you know better, do better and stop giving lame excuses for your actions! DISASTER

Now lets head to New York to desperate Amy who’s on a date, and is dreadfully nervous about having hot chocolate. Gimme A Break, aren’t we in frigging cold NYC, ice skating. Geesh! Stop the diet-sesive drama over a little cup of 1000 calories. And let the man eat his Chicken Pot Pie.

My advice: In relationships or in your career, you must build true friendship from within. Expressing the true you on your own reality TV