The Wednesday Times: Special Edition on BravoTV New Show: MissAdvised

Editor in Chief: Najaam Lee


Today we kick off the Special Edition of this new column called The Wednesday Times, which my dear friend and amazing business affiliate, Sonya LaRae , CEO of Lapazimageing Fashion Forward and myself, Najaam Lee of GOSH!About and The Vedic Image Group, will be officially writing and discussing our point-of-view of BravoTV new reality show called MissAdvised;), airing every Monday night at 10:00pm eastern/9:00pm central. To get the details every week, subscribe to both blogs. We will also be doing a giveaway to subscribers only.

Now, to be honest with you I wasn’t going to watch it or get involve because really who needs another “reality show” on Bravo. Geesh! But, what made me change my mind was some juicy gossip I got from spies on the inside and it is to die for. This intrigued me to say okay let me watch this and while watching, with Sonya, we were like we doing this. lol… So let me tell you about this show and the premiere episode they aired this past Monday….

Girrrrll let me tell you, all 3 of these ladies or rather women have serious ISSUES when it comes to their own personal lives. Talk about Vata city! Hello! So the show focuses on 3 women who are relationship experts in the fields of dating, matchmaking and consulting, living in 3 different parts of the U.S. We first meet Emily, from San Francisco, in bed on the phone talking  about her non-existing love life. At work, her very own radio show which she talks about sex and love and gives advice to her listeners with her co-host, Menace, which he is seriously an ugly menace to society and shows no respect to his boss which is Emily.  I have to tell you, she’s in her mid 30s(looks more like mid 40s), and looks so spaced out and all over the place– note: Is she on drugs?) She has no idea what she wants in a man and what’s best for her life. Emily goes out with any guy that asks her out—LITERALLY!  OMG

Then, Amy, a Match Maker from New York is introduced. And low and behold this woman is not following her own match making program PERIOD. At the Brooklyn Marathon she sees her ex-boyfriend, AB, who is a dark, italian fit man who ran in the race. He comes over to Amy and her girlfriends and greets them with hugs and kisses. And I mean, of all the things to do, Amy’s eyes is popping all over the place, smiling from east to west coast with drool sliding down the left side of her mouth. Is this your X ? Ladies, she still has feelings… and I mean MUCHO rollercoaster feelings for this guy! At dinner she literally through herself desperately at him..with no self control.. NADA. When I looked at AB, there was nothing there to say he has the same feelings… basically, he has no feelings for her anymore..especially not for marriage.. it was obvious, and I was really disppointed in her behaviour, in being an “expert” and all. Hmmmmm mental trouble?

Now we get to meet Julia, expert relationship therapist who lives in Chicago, but then moves to Los Angelos. She to tell you the truth is a show off! Its all about her. Its only about her and she will trample you to get that man. Hmmmm is this one of her advice? So we see her leave Shy-Town and move to a loft in Los Angelos with a roommate. Her boxes are everywhere and in the midst of moving and “settling down” into her new city. She gets asked out. And its not any old date, ladies she found him on Craigslist—- DANGER! DANGER! She calls him: Craigslist Justin… OMG! I just flipped out my chair…1 second please. Ok. Immdeiately on her date she says there is no chemistry with this guy. So in logic, wouldn’t you just end your date and leave the guy alone… NO.. not Julia. The next day she has him come over to her house to move her heavy boxes up and down them damn staircases. Uh, hire a mover or make him your MAN.  So after this sweaty job, Justin asks her out on a second date. She turns him down after shlubing her shit. This maneuver she did, I call The BITCH DISH.  This is when you dish out fake emotions to get something real in return. Once you get it you dump the whole plate in the garbage. Its a cold maneuver. Well, I see she is going to be a serious ITCH.

Oh! did you know she was engaged to marry John McCain’s son, Jack McCain, but –it flopped. hmmm I wonder why.

Overall this show will be interesting to watch and write on because its a play of Carrie Bradshaw character in all 3 women lives , the drama the bring or wanna bring to the audience.  Part of the show also plays on the movie Mean Girls too and its sad it has to have the kind of childish- high school twist, but what can you expect when their executive producer is no other than Ashley Tisdale(Disney).  I won’t be surprised if they break out singing and dancing in one of these episodes. Hahahah OMG!

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L-R: Julia, Emily, Amy