Do you walk the dog or does the dog walk YOU?

Do you walk the dog or does the dog walk you?

I have been looking at this picture for hours now, and it is very intriguing. The simplicity in a sophisticated women, that has put herself together exceptionally- dressed in a long, white fur coat, with long leather black gloves matching her black , leather boots, and her hair is perfectly styled and pinned in place. Her makeup is flawless, and she accessorizes with her medium pearl earrings. Her walk is very graceful, feminine and strong, showing a confidence in herself.

Her dog is the same replica. Beautiful white fur coat- nice sheen, well maintained- Her head held high with self confidence and assurance as she leads the way, ahead of her Mistress. Her walk is very graceful and feminine.

From looking at this art piece, walking the dog is actually a union of both parties, almost like a meditation. That is done a few times a day, which bonds animal to human and vice versa. And its also a bond with your community, mother nature, and your individual Self.  It’s like a daily prayer you do a few times throughout your day, instilling  strength and power of the bond of each other. This piece shows this beautiful union, friendship and love!