Ryan Seacrest Gets PUNKED!!!!!

OMG! I mean OMG!!! If he didn’t have this coming or what!  Did you watch the Red Carpet last night?

It so happened I was NOT going to watch the red carpet, or the awards, but my PR had me take a glimpse and a few minutes later it all went down. Here’s what happened:

Ryan should have been doing his job, instead of giving so much air play to this fool-of-a-comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen. You could tell he was mischievously up to something. He was cross dressed between Castro and Bin Laden ( and please they all will say he was dressed like his character The Dictator, but we all know who it really is…); Anyway, Ryan keeps talking to him about his outfit, and wanting to know the particulars of the concept…. I mean if this ain’t buying time, then I don’t know what”.. then all I know is that the urn Sacha was holding, he purposely turns it over onto Ryan to point to a writing piece at the bottom of the urn. LOOK! Ryan was wearing GUCCI, and the word is, his stylist, poor-girl, I feel for her badly, went high and low to get that selected Gucci-Tux for him, and look its soooo done it isn’t funny. Ryan was literally walking the dead in that outfit. And check this, Sacha kept pouring the content on him, that 8 SECURITY MEN DRESSED IN BLACK had to escort him off the red carpet! OMG! Ryan a word of advice, be alert and do your job, give air-time to the right people!

Check out the clip below: