Distinctive Space of Aerin LAUDER


I hope you are enjoying the day and all the festivities, plus the celebration of being a family! It’s also my Birth-Day/Earth Day tomorrow, and its so wonderful to have a chance to experience another new year of my life as well as closing a chapter in my life experience. I have sooo many dreams, visions and goals. So many things I desire to accomplish and I will be sharing those things with you via Najaam Lee HQ.

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I love to see how others decorate their home. I want to see how they used colours, prints, patterns and textures. I look at all the details for it inspires me as an artist. Vogue.com visited Aerin Lauder home. Yes! Estee Lauder’s granddaughter. She has many memorabilia from her grandmother that adds a classic-vintage touch to her homes decor.  All photography by Claiborne Swanson Frank.

“I love incorporating velvets and animal prints,” says Lauder of her aesthetic.  “But in the summer, I put a warm, brown ikat slipcover over the couch, which is the perfect transition between seasons. It makes the whole room feel more beachy.” Aerin Lauder

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What do you think of the colours she used in each area? What can you take from her home and incorporate into your own space? Leave your comments below. I would really like to know your thoughts on Aerin’s home. Thanks