Thursday Is TG

Lately, everyone has been talking about Eyebrows. What are your thoughts on the subject?______________________

Next week is TG- Thanks Giving, and also my birthday-earthday. What will you do this year that’s different than last TG dinner? I can’t remember last year at the moment. Hmmmm ?????????? :O  Having a total blank. But anyway, this year we at Vedic Image Group are thinking of a way to help others on ThanksGiving. Even if its groceries or a meal, we will do something. How about you?

I was reviewing photos of Dita Von’ Teese home and her lounge wear. But, lets check out her furniture pieces, colours used, and her decorating style.  I’m inspired and working on ideas for decorating studio. So check the photos out( Vogue). Beautiful, danity and so Hollywood Classic Chicque.

"Dita Von Teese"

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