Is The PIN UP GIRL Inside You?

Hi Poshies!

It’s Money Monday! Make that stack this week. We are sooo excited here at Vedic Image Group, and I want to share with you that we are hiring for project team. Watch the video, then click here for details for Assistant position. If you are a college student seeking experience and an opportunity to build a portfolio, then this will be great for you.

Onto our story… Is The PIN UP GIRL Inside You?

The pin-up look is such a strong image and very empowering. It doesn’t have to be soo over the top, but taking a small piece of the image can enhance you tremendously. Classic Sexy is Appealing!

This is 2011-2012 SS look taking from the classic white, red, blue polka dot patterns of fishing and from the “bandanna” of the yellow, sky blue and red.

A Look At The Past…

In 2009, Dita Von Teese, launched a sexy inspired pin up 40s’ style edition with Wonderbra.


Do a little tease for yourself this week and be inspired by You!