Why New Faces DEVELOPMENT? …

** Perfect for Models, New Faces **
Models are not born perfect or fully skilled to pose the perfect picture or strut the runway. They are
coached and created into the ideal look, appearance that will be marketable. Models are Brands.Therefore,
every New Face has to be coached and developed, becoming the package that can represent an agency or
management well. This is New Faces Development, and this is a program we offer at Vedic Image Group.
Why Do We Offer This Program? watch video below:
Your current lifestyle: " I'm in the beginning stages of my career, and trying to establish myself.  I'm meeting new people, attending events and networking. Going to castings, go-sees + auditions. I need to have the right look(appearance) with an empowering image that represents me successfully." Who You Are: You are excited and passionate about your new venture. You are working very hard to build and establish yourself. Alot of long, dedicated hours you've put into building your career, attending special events, important meetings and networking. You want to be seen and heard as much as possible, plus want more opportunities to make more money and show what you can do and what you have to offer. What Your Issues Tend To Be: You extremely love what you do, very excited and dedicated, plus desire to be very successful. However, you've noticed you don't have a signature image. Right now you are projecting to others many different messages which doesn't speak direct or strong. So, your image is all over the place, it flip-flops and is unsure, and its sending the wrong impression. Also you are doing alot of things >Multi-Tasking< and you are scattered, and your image reflects this, also your portfolio, photos etc.. (I know what I'm saying may sound too direct, but we are here  to help you get to where you want to be.) Trying too many looks and none are effectively working for you.  Its not representing you authentically. What You Need Most Right Now: Right now you need to make a plan to develop who you are, and implement into your lifestyle daily. It's time to develop a signature look that speaks authenticly about you, then work on creating this look consistently; steadily building upon it, establishing your signature style confidently. Becoming more centered and have a focused mindset, image, photos portfolio, walk, etc... The VIG Image Development SystemTM You'll Need Most: New Face Development Sessions "We recently worked with an aspiring model who needed direction and coaching on how to get the rightposes that fit and enhance her image plus is expressed in her photos for her portfolio. We also developed a professional cat walk made for her physique, which presented a graceful  yet sophisticated presentation." If you're interested in finding out details of this program and recieve more information about an image program that would best fit your requirements, please fill out form below, include your name, phone #, email, and intended date  to start,and we will get intouch with you right away.