Meeting the beautiful Aruna SETH!

Even though it poured- rained- in Manhattan all day yesterday, we still attended the Press day of Aruna Seth. This was my first time entering The London Hotel, and I thought what a great connection for Aruna, for she is from London, and she is the shoe designer that not only got Kate Middleton to wear her designs, but also Pippa Middleton who is now the main fashion setter of the Royals and everywhere she goes, it is a MUST to know who she’s wearing and what she’s wearing.

Vedic Image Group recieved a warm invitation to come and meet Aruna and see her new Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 collection. I was not only honoured but so excited to see what she designed.

As we arrived to the 38 floor, it was so quiet, dimly lit halls. We walked in and her team immediately greeted us so warmly. And as I turned the corner,  Aruna came out to greet me. Petite in size with long wavy hair that cascaded beautifully. She was dressed elegantly in a sleeveless black shift dress and of course wearing her shoes. And gorgeous, genuine smile.

When describing her shoes, her collection, the artist came through so passionately. You can see her thought process into every piece, and how she described each shoe. She definitely has thought through what her clients want and desire and needs… ” ..such care goes into each shoe. Focus on the details is such an importance and I want her to feel special and beautiful wearing my shoes”…  Aruna has created 2 areas in her collection, The Wedding Collection and The Fashion collection. She has branched into designing handbags, specifically clutches. And will be launching into jewelry as well. Right now she has gorgeous crystal butterfly brooches, that are absolutely to die for!  Its a beautiful gift to give to your bridesmaids, or mother-in-laws, etc. It’s truly lovely!

Watch the behind the scenes footage below. If you are interested in purchasing one of her fabulous shoes, please let us know at and also visit Aruna Seth’s website: