The Madame of London Fashion Week >> VIVIENNE WESTWOOD

Vivienne Westwood, Spring 2012 Collection …

She’s intricate, super-creative, over-dynamic and so sexy smart. She’s sooo important to Fashion Week WORLD WIDE! If you don’t know her… tis tis … Shame On You!

This season, with her RED LABEL collection, we get to understand the colours, ideas in regards to makeup look, so MAC took a look behind the scenes….

Now see the collection, I am sooo inspired by the makeup, hair, clothes… Like taking vibrant colours from birds, and adding colourful contour to the facial structure. The hair, I have plenty ideas what I will be doing with my locks in Spring 2012 🙂 … I really like the pieces, sexy, feminine.. having strength and power in them too… pretty skirts and tops, mix of plaids, then grays and whites..silvers and golds too… Did you see that plaid-pink tote bag? I Want It!!!! Please send it to me 🙂

Make up + Styling + New Faces Development,