Are You Really A MODEL?

In today’s post, I pose a question: Are You Really A Model?
What does it take to be a model? is it the clothes, hair, makeup? or is it the ability to express the brand or product of company and sell it?

I have come across ALOT of portfolios, and helping new face models develop their look and portfolio. To be a successful model, one of the key things you must know is your BODY. You need to know every part of your physical capability, how it moves in front of light, striking the best pose that enhances you and gives the product its great spotlight. Need to understand your feminity. A great way to understand movement is to take a ballet or jazz class. >>> Now, I’m not saying to become a dancer, but key techniques are there to adhere to. Here’s another thing I will share. You have to have great ENERGY. Workout! Being in good physical condition will help you to manage the riggers of the daily life of modeling. You will be running around from place to place. Eating and drinking proper foods, taking supplements to maintain balance is important.


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