“Make Love To The CAMERA”

Attention: Models, Actors, Business Professionals, PR and CEOs !


I am so very excited to anounce our New LIVE Event, ‘Born To Be TOP MODEL Seminar’

This event is in demand. Many of you have asked questions on how to take your public image, your career to the Next Level, and I have listened and answered your call.

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Spend the afternoon with me to discover the roadblocks slowing your progress to TOP MODEL Status. You know you were Born to do this, you feel it deep down inside. This is all you think about, talk about, dream about. And yet, you may be wondering why some are getting great results, and you just seem to be “sitting on the shelf collecting dust? Learn how to shift your thought process, develop your image with my best strategy secrets and steps to gain that Top Model status in your career, business and lifestyle. I personally use these powerful steps which has helped me succeed in my life and business.

This seminar is for every person who’s career or business is mostly in the publics eye> Models, Actors, Recording Artists,  Business Professionals, CEOs, Sales Executives, PR and beyond. You will meet and network with powerful women + men and businesses from the industry, enjoy a delicious catered reception, plus more!

More details here-: http://www.vedicimage.com/#!__vedic-image-group-2

You don’t want to miss this BIG opportunity. Registration is going on now. BONUS: if you register by now and July 31, you will receive this Special Gift!

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I look forward to meeting you there! And remember, to get great results you must take action with a NO-excuse approach to commitment. Make it a priority to join me!

(Please do me a favour, share this event with your friends and colleagues. If you know of someone who will benefit from this event, please share and have them register. Thanks!)

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