OMG! that’s what came through my mouth upon viewing Donnatella Versace’s masterpiece. Yep! This Versace Fall 2011 Campaign is a MASTERPIECE! I am struck with AWWWWWWEEEEEEEE!!!!!

The striking pure gold jewellry pieces are to ‘die & live for’. The creative design in detail is a work of art. The shoes, I will leave for the finale. The beautiful Versace emblem that grace the handbags, such a subtle touch making them a classic. I especially love the interwoven of gold and black of the second bag. GOSH! The dresses are sculptures; very sexy with a dynamic flare of colours: black, purple, green and white, all accented with gold. And now the shoes…. drum roll please….. OH MY GOSH!  can I just say I want every pair!!! The design is not fussy..its simple but soooo sexy and attractive for every woman. Peep toe stilleto boots… I mean come on! yes this is what I do ..GOSH!About: It . hahahaha 🙂 We must congratulate the painter, photographers Mert & Marcus and their beautiful muse, Saskia de Brauw

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