LadyGaga Attends Press Conference in Japan …


LadyGaga Attends Press Conference in Japan Today!

June 23, 2011 in Japan for a Press Conference to discuss her help in the Relief Effort for victims of the Earthquake.
I must say, excellent outfit she is wearing and the pop ‘dirty teal green’ she is wearing. Her glasses, as always, one of her branded signature style, looks amazing. So Watch and read below. Can’t wait to read your comments below.

On Thursday, Lady Gaga attended a press conference in Japan for the MTV Music Video Aid Japan. Gaga answered questions for the press and talked about her aid to the Japanese effected by the earthquake, and much more! She will be performing on the 25th, to raise money for Japanese earthquake relief. Check out the video and photos of Gaga at the press conference after the jump!


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