It Just Takes….

photo: Domes of Elounda, Crete

Sometimes it just takes a great destination to bring out the beautiful image of you. Inspiration galore packs the mind and gorgeous pieces enter your reality. And a spendid wardrobe transpires right before you. How does this happen? Our lives are so busy that it’s hard to see exactly what we need, for we are so in the box, that it’s hard to step outside it. Taking a vacation away from our normal enviornment is a major first step to seeing clearly. And that’s stepping outside the box. A place like Crete( photo above)lends our imagination a place to be inspired from. The calm sea, the sunsets, the gorgeous domes, natures’ colours, warm weather, luscious fresh seafood, great music, and more more more…. Ahhh just talking about it is making me yern to go! Anyway, you get what I’m saying. Great destinations like this inspires your inner self to transform you. I think of wearing white flowing kaftans, dresses, cottons and linens, and soft silks… pretty, “skimpy” bikinis and big ‘avant garde’ hats is a must with a set of versace shades… gorgeous! You just want to go barefoot and ditch the shoes for a while. Well, the next vacation you plan, really pick a place that will inspire you from the inside out and shop that wardrobe.

I’ll see you in Crete! xxxo

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