Soft Summer Jewellery

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So, I try my best as possible to dress comfortably in my day to day wear. And summer is no different. With all the heat, sweat and sticky… comfort is major priority! Elle online magazine features a set of nice, innovative comfort accessory pieces that I want to share with you. All of these pieces are Hand-made. Amazing. See one you like, just click the photo and it will take you to the sellers page.

After looking over these, tell me in the comment below, which is your favourite?

Abidermann_printedwrapstars_libertyprintthreadbracelet_silverspidercharm_$169 ALYSSANORTON-JUMELLE_silksterlingbraidedbracelet_255_shopjumelle_com Arielledepinto-creatures_handprintedmulticolourjerseycuffbracelet_crochetsterlingsilverchain_135_creaturesofcomfort_us Candaceang2_graphicsilkprintshandwoven_chunkysilverchain_195_candaceang_com Carolinabucci2_silkhandwovencuffbracelet_carolinabucci_com CHARLOTTEDAFERN-KABIRI_necklaceshreddedbluefabric_woodenspoon_kabiri_co_uk Confettisystem2_silkcharmeuseleatherdoublestrandnecklace_190_confettisystem_com Kapowwow-beyondvalley_multicolourcottonneckpiece_beyondthevalleystore_com MARIALAU-KABIRI_braidedfabricnecklacedipdyedfring_470_kabiri_co_uk Soft-Jewelry-for-Summer Topshophires_chiffonfloralbibnecklace$50

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