CLAWS and All

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Oh My Gosh!

Ok! I am having a “rrrrrr” moment. I came across this article from my friend Miggy >> Miggy Likes The Internet    and saw the claws Beyonce wore in her new video ” Run The World”. So without further ado, I’m going to have Miggy take over this post. Enjoy!

Guest Writer: Miggy


Last week, while sipping on rum cocktails at a launch event, I got myself into a heated discussion with Laura about the latest visual gift from the Queen of pop, Beyonce.

Laura was pretty outraged by my apathy towards Queen B’s new track. I guess I just preferred the Major Lazer use of those beats back in 2009 and I may have said that I didn’t find her lyrics, or the video convincing enough. OOps.
But one thing we did agree on, was the incredible styling of the new video. As always, Beyonce is looking like a big ball of hotness.

Are you kidding me? I need those claws in my life!!!

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