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by Najaam Lee

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Morfium Couture

I am in awe of this deep, mystic intense of light and dark, history and futuristic, past memories of Queen Elizabeth, right before entering the Golden Age. I came across this piece on This is what Magdalena Kapuscinska said:

Morfium is a noteworthy fashion label expressing its creative concept of progressive design through numerous visual arts and media like photography, theatre, movies and music sources. Morfium as the name of the brand also has a rich explanation starting from the mythological Morpheas, the messenger appearing in the dreams as well as a variety of inspirations taken from Balkan traditions.

The latest collection of Morfium Couture is named after and simultaneously inspired by "Metropolis", the science fiction masterpiece about urban dystopia. The movie was a truly futuristic indicator directed by German expressionist Fritz Lang in 1927. The ad campaign captured in the lens of talented photographer Dusan Jaukovic explores explicit and cutting edge designs rendering the movie convention in high fashion mode.

Following the sci-fi tendencies the creative team of Morfium portray their artistic concept of Metropolis through the mixture of mythology and futuristic fascinations. The designs resemble regal gowns of sea queens and other mythological tales. Theatrical impact is combined with golden embellishments, ruffle collars and crown-like headpieces creating a dramatic look. The Team:

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MorfiumCoutureMetropolis1 MorfiumCoutureMetropolis3 MorfiumCoutureMetropolis2 MorfiumCoutureMetropolis4 MorfiumCoutureMetropolis5 MorfiumCoutureMetropolis6

Photo reference: Fashionising
The Team:
Morfium Couture ‘Metropolis’ collection campaign
Models: Dusica Savic, Vasilisa Roganovic
Makeup: Aleksandar Djikic
Stylist: Jelena Malesevic
Photographer: Dusan Jaukovic


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