Wedding Bells Are RINGING!!!

By Najaam Lee

pic-Prince-William Kate-Middleton The fairytale is set in motion and everyone is in the dance of the kingdom. Every girl in the towns and villages are getting their gowns and hats made, and shoemakers are designing gorgeous shoes, and dressmakers are so busy making one of a kind jackets for the men to wear. Busy Busy Busy goes the wheels of the sewing machines. The whole town is so ecstatic over the Prince and the soon to be Princess join hand in hand in matrimony, just under 2 weeks. Oh I wish I was in London right now in order to capture the aura of this magical event.


princess-diana_wedding1lisawallerrogers When I was a little girl, growing up in Canada, I got to see the amazing Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedding on the tele. I was totally engulfed, soaking up every hand wave she made to the crowd, and loved the beautiful princess gown she wore. She was perfect, her makeup and hair, and how she walked and smiled, it was so superb. This was definitely Image Development in action. Beauty and grace, Princess Diana carried so well, and I will always admire her for the wonderful examples of how to be a lady in the Public Eye. 


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