Bring Out The ‘Wild Child’ In Me!

Kicking off this 70s trip and Spring, April comes just in time to blast the past in full speed with fashion designer, Betsey Johnson’s East Hampton Home in New York. Her home is so wild child, hippie, flower princess with a Shabby Chic Mix!… Totally colourful and GIRLIE!. Her home speaks fun with comfort, which is many of our own goals to achieve this season. I can’t wait to try out some of the inspiring ways Betsey decorated her home. Take a look at this 2008 interview/tour of Betsey’s home with Lauren Ezersky, the host of Plum.


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Here’s the video:

Video Credit: Plum

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Disclaimer: No need to purchase or buy to enter.This contest is an inspiration contest of Betsey Johnson only, and has no affiliation with the companies, brands, stores, etc of Betsey Johnson. This contest is only an inspiring contest for followers of GOSH!About Blog and STYLE E-MAG to do what inspires them from the decorating example of home of Betsey Johnson only.