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I know it has been a while since posting on GOSH!About: but sooo many things are happening— great things

Today we launched our new exclusive e-zine called STYLE E-MAGAZINE!

We have been working hard to organize a way for serious, independent professionals like yourself, get real tips and techniques on developing your public image. So many of you are seeking benefiting information that you can implement right away, without all the fluff, and we understand there are sooo much information coming to you, but not much of it is seriously useful in your life and your lifestyle.

Creating the right look takes certain steps and techniques with consulting and through our new weekly e-zine we are showing you ways to help you with styling and developing your look—for free. At Vedic Image Group , we offer a variety of sessions, packages and programs which focus on just that—YOUR IMAGE. And we wanted to offer our Exclusive Subscribers high content of fashion, in trends, and impacting, useful tips and techniques with consulting, and industry secrets, you would not get anywhere else—All this for FREE to our Subscribers and Supporters of Vedic Image Group .

Some may say why are you giving this away— and we say Why Not! Our independent professionals who are clients of VIG, understand that to continue being successful, their image must be successful. And getting good, impactful and tactful advice and continued consulting helps them to be successful in all areas of their life. Styling your image right, pulls benefitting opportunities to you. So the question is, How Can I Enhance My Image For Success?

Today, we are offering our GOSH Followers an opportunity to SUBSCRIBE NOW to our Free Weekly E-zine called STYLE E-MAGAZINE, to get high content information that you can implement right away to enhance Your Image and Your Lifestyle. This offer is for a limited time only—Don’t miss out!. Click here: and Subscribe Now! This offer ends next Friday, April 1st –2011.



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The Cruz Sisters – Penelope & Monica designed and created a casual sexy- Biaggini Violett Spring-Summer Collection 2011 with Charles Vogele. I really like how free, fashion sport feel it brings, like you just want to be outside enjoying the warm weather, the beach and a warm sunset stroll. I think their collection is refreshing, plus the sisters bring a sex-appeal to the clothes, a Big PLUS!


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