Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Its always that time of the year, when the kick of love hits your heart and someone is either getting engaged to setting plans for their wedding, and many new brides are running around nervous, stressed with HI-anxiety trying their best to get the dress of their childhood dreams. Therefore the best expert in capturing those dreams is the beautiful designer, Vera Wang.

Vera Wang has this special talent for designing fairy tale dresses that captures the essence and emotions of that Cinderella turning into a beautiful, Princess. Nicki Minaj new video MOMENT FOR LIFE, has a bit of that colourful fairy tale we all desire. So, Vera has designed some beautiful, amazing pieces for Spring 2011 and Fall 2011, and they are below to help you in creating that one of a kind wedding.

Elegant-Vera-Wang-Wedding-Dress-2011-3 Vera-Wang-Wedding-Dresses-2011-1

Spring 2011

vera-wang-bridal-spring-2011 vera-wang-spring-2011

Fall 2011

vera-wang-bridal-fall-2011-collection-261010-5 vera-wang-bridal-fall-2011-collection-261010-2

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