Womens Nike Dunk SB Low, Nike Dunk SB High Heels 2010

I finally found some awesome heels from NIKE. Ever since I saw Mariah Carey years ago perform on stage in a sexy black and white sneaker heel is what I called it at the time. Anyway, they were so freaking hot, I search so hard to find the exact pair and couldn’t for the life of me at that time. But this time around, the shoes came to me in a post, and I was seriously dying over happiness 🙂 hahahaha  Plus I have the correct name. But I am definitely inspired by Nike, these new designs are HAUTE! I desire 1 in every colour, plus they look so comfortable, especially if you are walking a lot, or standing, as I do. The colours are beautifully designed with a flow, which can match many styles in your wardrobe. So check them out below, and get yourself a pair! Depending what website you decide, prices range from $ 95 to $135.00 Visit

Womens Nike Dunk SB Low and High Heels