SOMARTA SS2011- Japan Fashion Week

Welcome to my world, my planet, STAR GALAXTICA, not too far from the Sagittarius region of the universe. The clothing we wear, Somarta has created in this seasons collection. The colours, pieces, how it flows, so ethereal and airy— fairy like— for in my world flight is essential, so weightless, light material with proper structure is needed! I just love what she has done with this collection, that was shown recently at Japan Fashion Week. If you do not know Somarta, then visit her website:  She incorporates a lot of abstract art, distant worlds and realm inspirations into her collection, which is functional and wearable. The make up of pale skin, with focus on the eyes, transforms you. The hair style is a roll up box frame style. Innovative. I will do my best to try and incorporate this style feature but with a few adjustments of course, because my hair is so long 🙂

Okay, so on with it… check out the beautiful photos as well as to get familiar with Somarta, view her 2010-2011 F/W show below!



Thank you to Tokyo Fashions for the amazing photos from the show. Now watch the F/W video below. All feedbacks are welcomed!