Everyone Wants Fashion In A Flash!!!

Everyone wants Fashion in a FLASH!!!!

Remember or rather imagine 1890s’, around the times of Jane Austen, when fashion was such an indulgence, that you would of course, take the TIME OF PLEASURE and have every piece of garment custom made to the latest fashion giving you utterly, complete Satisfaction. You and your dressmaker were 1. Every dress was styled to perfection and fitted beautifully. Your hair dresser (hair stylist today) created you a one of a kind look inspired from the hottest actress and make up followed right behind her. How you walked, waved, smiled, batted your eyes,  sit, ate and spoked was practiced a ‘gazzillion’ times 🙂 and upon arrival, your name was announced to the guests as you walked through those french doors…. aaaahhhhh… all eyes graced you as you made your entre and did your 1st round around the room. How fabulous was that?!

We definitely NEED to bring that back. It was a time where being a Lady was a MUST and knowing your form was a very important life task! Finding and developing your own, unique style takes FAB-TIME! which is not only great but necessary, because you are creating an identity, a BRAND.

You do not have to be Famous or have a Big Position; you just have to BE YOU TOTALLY.

We at the Vedic Image Group, styles and develops YOU. We are a full Fashion Imaging Solution company, working on all facets of your image to develop it into a Brand, called ‘ the Vedic Look ‘. Our team, VIG GLAM SQUAD, is an exclusive group of expert, celeb- professionals, experienced in both the fashion and entertainment industry, have combined knowledge, talent and skills to bring the best presentation of you to the buyer’s market.

Your Image  Your Lifestyle  Develop It with Vedic Image Group TODAY!

For business inquiries and bookings, please call us 866 565 7541 and visit our website: www.vedicimage.com


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