Paris Hilton as Marilyn Monroe During the Fragrance Launch

PARIS Hilton as Marilyn Monroe for the launch of her “Tease” fragance at MyStudio in Hollywood on August 10, 2010.
Paris Hilton

Hilton — who has been single since splitting from The Hills star Doug Reinhardt earlier this year — has reportedly been on several romantic dates with Las Vegas nightclub owner Cy Waits.

Paris and Cy couldn’t keep their hands off each other as Paris shot a new commercial for Devassa Beer in Long Beach, California, and one onlooker noted, “They are clearly enjoying every minute of their new relationship and aren’t afraid to show their feelings and affection for one another.”

Paris — who has previously dated Benji Madden, Rick Salomon, and model Jason Shaw — recently revealed she doesn’t want a famous boyfriend and is on the look out for a more low-key romance.

“It’s really hard in my position just being in a relationship, because so much goes along with it,” she said.

“The media are constantly making up stories and it’s just hard to know if you can trust a guy who has fame.

“I’d rather be with someone who’s not in the public eye — I think it just makes it easier, and I don’t know there’s so much that comes along with it. I’d rather be with someone who’s not in this world.”