Jacquelyn Jablonski in PORTRAIT, by photographer Rick Shaine

The hues of blues, grays, shadows and lights.. and then the stillness and innocence that model, Jacquelyn brings is Hot! Rick captured her story in these photos well. Fall is already upon us, and these pieces are a great addition to your wardrobe; the shoes you can actually test out now. Chunky necklaces, layers of simple soft fabrics, light weight to wear and yet enough to keep you warm and snugged for the cold weather!

jacquelyn-jablonski9 jacquelyn-jablonski7 jacquelyn-jablonski8 jacquelyn-jablonski6 jacquelyn-jablonski4 jacquelyn-jablonski3 jacquelyn-jablonski1 jacquelyn-jablonski2 jacquelyn-jablonski5