Nicole Scherzinger for Maxim July 2010 Issue

Nicole Scherzinger, totally scorching up the pages of the July issue of Maxim magazine.

She grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and were born in Hawaii. When asked what traditions she keeps, she said, “I’m just a down-home Southern girl. I love making chicken and dumplings and Kentucky Derby pie. And from Hawaii I’ve got a love of paddle surfing. I love visiting family in both places. See, even if I just talk about my family my dialect changes—I go from a Southern dialect to Hawaiian pidgin.”

Her boyfriend is is F1 racer Lewis Hamilton, one of the best drivers in the world. Truth is, Pussycat Dolls star (and solo artist) Nicole Scherzinger’s particular hotitude is the kind that should leave any red-blooded dude dumbstruck. After torching Dancing With the Stars she’ll strike again with more hits later this year.